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In 2020 caring for the teeth of horses is generally accepted as a necessary care. More and more toothcare is looked at as an essential element in the general care for a horse.
Equine dentist Griet Eylenbosch was convinced years ago and attended courses to become an equine dentist. She did an internship for one year and passed exams at the Chris Warren School of Equine Dentistry in Hickstead. Griet was one of the first equine dentists in Belgium . With her long experience she knows like no one else the problems that may come from a bad care for a horse's teeth.

Griet Eylenbosch: "Teeth determine the horse's healthyness. Tooth problems may lead to various symptomes such as weight loss because of a bad digestion, reduced fitness of the horse, bridling issues when riding, stiffness, or a colic..."